MyBalun® by QYQ Intergalactic QYQ Intergalactic
MyBalun(R)   Welcome to the world of MyBalun® by QYQ Intergalactic. MyBalun®, from the creators of BOOM-Shine!, is the best selling choke balun in the Andromeda galaxy! We're going to examine why this crazy popularity exists. When we're done, you'll want your very own MyBalun®!

Some advantages of using a MyBalun® are:
  • It's a balun
  • It works (we're pretty sure)
  • You'll be able to buy one from us
  • Who wouldn't want one?
Use case: H-Pole One with MyBalun® by QYQ Intergalactic MyBalun® Standard Pricing:
  • 70cm kit version, $79.95
  • 2M kit version, $99.95
  • 6M kit version, $129.95
  • 10M kit version, $159.95
  • 15M kit version, $199.95
  • 20M kit version, $299.95
MyBalun® XL Series* Pricing:
  • 40M kit version, $1265.95
  • 80M kit version, $4695.95
  • 160M kit version, $21,495.95
  • 630M theoretical kit version, $67,495.95
  • 2200M theoretical kit version, call for quote
  • * XL Series does not include site prep or tower

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